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How to Pay

Buy, Lease, SaaS or simply rental

So I have at least realised I need a more modern and up to date EPoS solution but how do I fund it, do I buy it, do I take out one of these monthly plans (this is SaaS or Software as a Service) or do I lease it over a fixed period.


The simple answer is, it varies from person to person and from company to company and of course the financial standing of that business at the time. However here’s our little 2 min guide to the pros and cons of each

Buy it!


Call me old fashioned but if you’ve got the money, why not. It will invariably be cheaper in the long run and you know where you stand from day one. Don’t forget to get the support price in advance and ask them what is the upgrade path and are the costs fixed.


We offer free updates and we guarantee that the ongoing prices won’t go up by more than RPI each year.

SaaS or Monthly Plan it!


This can seem to be the really easy way and it is a great way to start but don’t be fooled by the low price to get started, often the hardware isn’t included you still have to buy that and more importantly you’ll be paying for the software forever and a lot of the extra functionality is well, Extra.

Lease It!


Now this is often the best balance between practicality, i.e. low upfront costs and of course total cost of ownership. You lease the system over 3 or 5 years, then at the end of the term you pay a substantially reduced rental or you can purchase the system through a third party. In any case you are not paying for ever and although it will cost more than buying it, the tax relief often offsets this significantly. Imagine a completely new EPoS system for a few quid a week and its tax deductible

Simply Rent it!


This is the simplest, you give us a monthly rental we provide you the till system, no long-term commitment needed.

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