The good old British Pub, one of the world’s most archetypal social haunts, replicated all around the world for its beer, its chat, the banter and of course the political arguments. But is it a threatened business, it has certainly seen easier times however, we are now seeing that good focused business grow and prosper, they have adapted.


So what makes a great pub? Is it the location, possibly, is it the beer, well that certainly helps but we think it’s a combination of the above plus of course the atmosphere and that’s normally down to the landlord and their staff.


This is where we have looked at the sector and realised that often the best staff and operators are front of house, not stuck in the office, so we have developed a specific product for the pub sector, it of course still handles food, food ordering and customer service but we’ve added loyalty to reward our regulars a rear screen option to promote the menu and of course pub events. But it can happily be operated and managed from anywhere, at any time and, including at the bar.


What we also provide is the option of a complete service, so not only will we program, set-up and configure your new system, we will then install it, train all your staff and do all your menu updates and price changes as part of the service. And what a system it is.

Specifically built and designed for the pub trade we offer a complete stock control capability, that will work with your stock taker or let you do it yourself, a solution that simply works perfectly for the pub sector. Call Us 01772 298337