ClickCease Restaurants - Definitive EPOS


The Restaurant business is all about service (and the actual food) and here we can help you improve your service , increasing sales and income.


Firstly let us look at efficiencies, and the first area to consider is how the order is taken and how it gets to the kitchen, we believe that here the future is tablet technology. Being able to take the order, look at live stock of a dish and take note of all the different options, cooking instructions (and lets not miss off the allergens) all in front of the client, not only is it fast but its accurate and of course no chef has to read illegible handwriting in the kitchen as, all orders are sent there automatically (as well as the drinks order to the bar and if required sweets to the sweet prep area as well).


So now we’re starting to get the orders taken correctly and sent to the kitchen and this involves a massive increase in security because to get an order out of the kitchen or bar requires a ticket and that means it’s been allocated to a table and therefore should be paid for, just imagine how many bottles of wine don’t get charged for.


So let us think next about stock efficiencies as we can now offer complete stock control, each dish can be a recipe, made up of multiple items, so you really can take stock to the nth degree or you could just focus on the bigger cost lines.


Finally let us talk customer, now you can record each time they visit, give them loyalty points, give them credit to spend back in the restaurant and more importantly you know who they are, and you can market to them.
Just think, it’s a special steak night and you can see who buys the most steak and give them a promotion, extra points, maybe even tie this into your social media. It all helps boost takings and really does increase loyalty, exactly what we all like to do.


Simply let us come along and look at your business, we can advise on what works well and what could be improved, then we can show you how we can improve your service, your security and of course your sales. Call Us 01772 298337